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In-home universal connectivity
Figure 1: Connectivity vision for ComLSI
Universal connectivity for electronic devices that allow them to perform significantly more intelligent tasks than those they would be capable of in a stand-alone mode is an assured developmental path of the future. ComLSI intends to play in the In-home connectivity arena, where fixed and portable devices communicate with and through a central intelligence center in the home amongst themselves and to the outside world.

ComLSI’s vision is electronics systems integration enabling symbiotic electronic connectivity between devices in the home of the future.



To be the preeminent provider of integrated circuit products, intellectual property and services in analog, digital and mixed-signal design to global customers.

ComLSI aims to:

    1. Develop innovative intellectual property enhancing electronic system performance and         reducing cost;
    2. Provide expert consultation and design services in the areas of analog, digital and mixed-         signal integrated circuit design at globally competitive costs enabling increased         developmental activities;
    3. Develop and sell products with greater levels of function and component integration.

A specific area that ComLSI is currently engaged in is power management. The current IP portfolio addresses integration and performance/cost needs in components driving power transmission switches as well as components maintaining power integrity.

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