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Virtual Design Center (VDC)
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The need

As System-on-Chip (SoC) designs move into the ultra-deep-submicron (UDSM) lithography fabrication processes, integrating more than a hundred million (108) transistors on a chip is becoming commonplace. Simultaneously, the analog and mixed-signal content in many of these chips is increasing. While EDA tools struggle with the challenges of UDSM fabrication processes as well as the complexity of co-verification of digital and analog IP, costs of chip design now rival mask and manufacturing costs. A solution clearly needs to be found to facilitate continued innovation by small and mid-sized fabless custom chip companies.

The solution

The answer that ComLSI came to is not Outsourcing. While costs may be lower at an outsourcing location, be it domestic or international, the complexity of communicating design requirements, the need for real-time, speedy architectural and circuit-level specification trade-offs, the need to protect intellectual property and design know-how among other issues translate to higher costs in the long run in an outsourced model. Many companies have instead taken the strategic decision to ramp up owned design centers in lower cost locations – and have borne the growth agonies of such centers - but this is not a model suitable for adoption by startups, small and mid-sized companies because of the initial capital outlay and expenses incurred in ramping up a remote design center.

What ComLSI proposes, instead, is a flexible Virtual Design Center model that small companies can adopt with relative ease. The model revolves around an expert US resource from ComLSI, who forms the primary VDC-Sponsor interface, and ComLSI’s HR Consulting partner(s) in remote locations who manage all administrative and infrastructural requirements of the remote team. The remote team is ramped and trained by ComLSI and its HR Partner, maintained by sponsor projects, remains dedicated to the sponsor, and conducts all its tasks in accordance with the sponsor’s requirements. More importantly, ComLSI offers the sponsor of a VDC the option to absorb the remote team after a period of training including project completions.

In short, you, as a sponsor, communicate your project/team requirements to ComLSI; ComLSI’s experts plan the rapid, low-cost completion of your project, managing all aspects of ramping up a team that executes your project, and you retain the right to absorb the team.

The distinction

So how are we different from a dedicated team from an outsourcing company in a low-cost location? Here are a few distinctions:

  We offer you ComLSI’s expertise, and specifically, a US expert who owns the project tasks, channels the communication, protects your IP, and helps you refine your architecture in real-time
  You retain maximum control of your IP, channeling only the most necessary information through ComLSI’s expert to the remote team
  You retain the option of absorbing the dedicated, world-class team recruited and trained by ComLSI’s technical and management experts
  We will offer you project costs lower than any outsourcing company while obtaining for you the best resources in the field of your interest


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